Series 4 Online DATABANK of Final Exams and Exam Study Book

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Series 4 Exam Prep Online Data Bank of Practice Exams plus Exam Study Book

Series 4 Exam Prep Book of Study Material
Our Series 4 Exam program comes in a 3-ring binder for ease of study. The 500+ plus page program relies heavily on graphics to communicate complex option strategies. This is the easiest and most effective way to learn options. The study program is divided into the eight major categories of the exam.
There are short quizzes interspersed throughout the chapters that allow you to start and stop on key concepts. All of the questions have thorough explanations.
“Exam-tough” final exams will make sure there are no surprises. Over 1,300 questions in total!

Series 4 Exam Prep – DATABANK of Series 4 Final Exams
Designed to complement our printed study program, the DATABANK of Practice Exams is web delivered and is a convenient and effective method of testing your overall understanding of the material. Practice questions are of similar complexity to that of the real exam.
The program consists of tests drawn from a pool of over 1,000 questions covering the major topics found on the actual exam.
The web-based access:
  • Always up to date
  • Unlimited Quizzes for each of the major topics covered on the exam
  • 9 Finals – Covering material from all major topics
Each question has a detailed explanation that not only explains which answer is correct, but also explains why the other answers are wrong for the more complex concepts.
No two tests in Series 4 Exam DATABANK are the same — the depth of the question pool ensures that each question you see is unique. All of the tests are weighted in the same manner as the material in the actual exam.
Please Note: Under the terms of the PassPerfect End User Licensing Agreement, each product is licensed to a single user and can be used for up to 1 year or until they pass the exam, whichever comes first.


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