How do I…?

Answers to Often-Asked Questions by our students

How Do I Become a Stock Broker? Broker-Dealer Registration (“B/D”) takes about 90 days — if the necessary exams have been completed and the firm is adequately capitalized. Paperwork is filed with FINRA, each state in which the firm conducts its business, and with the SEC. “FINRA” is Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and “SEC” is the…
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How Do I Become a Registered Investment Advisor? A Registered Investment Advisor (“RIA”) is an entity who, for compensation (in any form), engages in the business of advising others, either directly or indirectly, of the value of securities or of the advisability of investing in securities. They receive a management fees and do not receive commissions (“RIAs receive fees…
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How Do I Become a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) Introducing Broker (I/B)? Investment Reference will complete Introducing Broker application forms and assist in office procedure set-up, compliance guidelines, and internal control. Preparatory “NFA mock audits” can be done to assist in meeting NFA rules and…
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What Exams Are There?
(Note: SEP does not offer exam prep materials for ALL tests)

  • Series 3 Exam National Commodity Futures Exam
  • Series 4 Exam Registered Options Principal Exam
  • Series 5 Interest Rate Options Exam
  • Series 6 Exam Investment Company and Variable Contracts (Mutual Funds) Exam
  • Series 7 Exam General Securities Registered Representative (Stockbroker) Exam
  • Series 9 and 10 Exam NYSE General Securities Sales Supervisor Exam
  • Series 22 Exam Direct Participation (Limited partnerships) Exam
  • Series 24 Exam General Securities Principal Exam
  • Series 26 Exam Investment Company (Mutual Funds) Principal Exam
  • Series 27 Exam Financial and Operations Principal Exam
  • Series 30 Exam Futures – Branch Office Manager Exam
  • Series 31 Exam Futures – Managed Funds Exam
  • Series 34 Exam Retail Off-Exchange Forex Examination
  • Series 39 Exam Direct Participation Programs Principal Exam
  • Series 51 Exam Municipal Fund Securities Limited Principal
  • Series 53 Exam Municipal Securities Principal Exam
  • Series 55 Exam Equity Trader – Limited Representative Exam – superseded by the Series 57
  • Series 56 Exam Proprietary Trader – superseded by the Series 57
  • Series 57 Exam  Securities Trader
  • Series 62 Exam Corporate Securities – Limited Representative Exam
  • Series 63 Exam Uniform Securities Agent State Laws Exam
  • Series 65 Exam Uniform Registered Investment Advisor Law Exam (RIA)
  • Series 66 Exam Uniform Investment Advisor – Combined State Laws Exam
  • Series 79 Exam Limited Representative Investment Banking
  • Series 86 Exam Research Analyst – Securities Analysis
  • Series 87 Exam Research Analyst – Regulations
  • Series 99 Exam Operations Professional Exam