Series 53 Exam Training

Series 53 Securities Exam Securities License Exam Preparation

The Series 53 Securities Exam is a limited principal exam required by the MSRB for any person who manages representatives who handle municipal securities only.

Prerequisite Series 52 or Series 7 | $265 test fee (Form U-4) | 3 hour time limit
Test Topics Approximate Test Questions
Sales Supervision  25
Customer Accounts  25
Trading  10
Uniform Practice Rules  10
New Issues  20
Other Rules  10
***Total Questions***  ***100***


Series 53 Exam Municipal Securities Principal Study Materials

The Book:
The Series 53 exam book contains 300+ pages divided into the 6 key areas of the exam.
Quizzes at the end of each section build your confidence and SIX Final Exams will polish your likelihood of passing. Over 700 questions in total.



Designed to complement the study book, the Series 53 DATABANK of Practice Exams is a convenient and effective method of testing a student's overall comprehension of the material. Using the Data Bank prepares you for the actual test by presenting practice questions of similar complexity to that of the real exam.

  • The program consists of 6 Final Exams drawn from the major topics found on the actual exam.
  • Each question has a detailed explanation that not only explains which answer is correct, but also explains why the other answers are wrong for the more complex concepts.
  • No two tests in DATABANK Practice Exams are the same — the depth of the question pool ensures that each question you sees is unique.
  • All of the tests are weighted in the same manner as the material in the actual exam.

Under the terms of the PassPerfect End User Licensing Agreement, each product is licensed to a single user and can be used for up to 1 year or until they pass the exam, whichever comes first.