Series 3 - Futures Exam Prep Study Book + DATABANK of Final Exams

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Series 3 - Futures Exam Prep Study Book + DATABANK of Final Exams

Series 3 Exam Study Book

The 200+ page, 3-ring binder study program is designed to allow you to learn at your own pace and convenience. The Series 3 text is divided into the same categories as the exam -- this gives you a feeling as to the weighting of the topics on the exam.

The Series 3 study program includes end-of-category quizzes of 25 to 40 questions and two 125-point practice final exams. One final exam is random but properly weighted and the other is divided into how the test is graded – Market Knowledge and Rules/Regulations -- no other study program is constructed this way! All questions have complete explanations.

Series 3 DATABANK of Final Exams

"These questions are TOUGH!!! ... and they are a supplement to any study books you may have!"

  • Is a supplement to any Series 3 futures study book
  • Includes 600+ practice questions with explanations - these are tough!!
  • Provides fast and thorough review of major test topics by category
  • Gives you an accurate measure of your likelihood of passing the exam.
  • The computer keeps track of your score and bounces explanations to questions back to you-- this insures that you don't skip an important topic
  • Take the quizzes until you get an 80-90% accuracy -- and then take the final exams
  • The DATABANK is menu driven -- so just highlight the topic you want to review and hit the Enter key -- the directions are on the screen!
  • Each of the TEN SECTIONS has 3 to 8 practice quizzes of 10 to 25 questions.
  • These groups are the same as the ten sections on your actual #3 exam -- that way you’ll make sure you are strong in each practice area!!
  • The is set to expire with each quiz expiring after its 10th use. Usually the student will be getting above 80s after the 2nd or 3rd try so there are plenty of uses available to prepare for the exam.

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