Series 65 Exam Study Book

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Series 65 Uniform Investment Adviser Exam Study Guide

The Series 65 examination is required by most states for an individual that wants to act as an investment adviser representative.

The Series 65 study program is a 600+ page program comes in two 8 1/2 x 11″ perfect bound books (the study text and the final exam book) - and is specifically designed for the self-study student.

  • The Study Text contains “Micro-Sections” and great page formatting that allows fast reading and emphasizes key points that you’ll probably see on the exam. Strategic quizzes are frequently spaced as you go along.
  • The Final Exam Book contains 10 Final Exams that will make sure there are no surprises when you sit for the real exam!

Key point: All questions have detailed expanded answers. Over 1,300 section questions and final exam questions in total - and they are “Exam-Tough”.