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What Exams Are There?

Most FINRA exams are divided into Registered Representative and Registered Principal levels. As an example, if you enter into the securities industry as a General Securities Registered Representative with a Series 7 exam and later become a Principal of the firm — you would sit for the Series 24 exam. In mutual funds you would begin with the Series 6 exam and then go on to the Series 26 for the principal registration. Note that the number assigned to a specific test is for reference only (therefore, a Series 4 isn’t “ranked higher” than a Series 3).

If the FINRA  member firm you work with is also a member of the New York Stock Exchange, your firm would have to adhere to NYSE rules as well. The NYSE requires its members to have a work experience requirement before they place trades on their exchange — this is why the NYSE member firms have training programs that their representatives have to complete (in addition to passing the Series 7 exam) before they are fully registered. In addition, if you have the Series 7 and later become a branch manager for an NYSE member firm you would sit for the NYSE’s Series 9 and 10 exams instead of the FINRA Series 24. Now that the NASD and the NYSE have merged there will probably be a consolidation of some of the exams.

For NFA (National Futures Association) and NASAA (North American Securities Administrators Association) registration there is only one level regardless of whether the candidate is a representative or a principal of the firm. For example, in futures candidates sit for the Series 3 exam and for registered investment Advisors there is the Series 65 exam.

(NOTE: SEP does not offer exam prep materials for ALL tests)

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Registered Representative Level

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*There is no “sponsor requirement” for this exam; you can submit a form Form U-10 with the appropriate fee and take the exam on your own. Remember, passing the exam is only one step in the process of becoming registered — and you can’t solicit until you are completely registered.

(NOTE: SEP does not offer exam prep materials for ALL tests)