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Securities Exam Preparation Inc’s Series 3 Exam Prep prepares you for the Series 3 Commodity Futures Exam. The Series 3 Exam is for anyone who is going to act as an Associated Person, Commodity Trading Advisor, Commodity Pool Operator, Introducing Broker, or Futures Commission Merchant.   Those who trade ForEx (foreign exchange) are under the jurisdiction of the National Futures Association (NFA) and are  required to sit for the Series 3 and Series 34 tests.

The Series 3 exam prep is divided into ten categories and is graded in two groups: Market Knowledge and Rules/Regulations. The first nine of the following  categories with 85 questions comprises the Market Knowledge Group; category ten, with 35 questions, comprises the Rules and Regulations Group. You must achieve a 70% on each group to pass the Series 3 exam. Note that the NFA study outline has been changed to eight categories, essentially combining financial and agricultural hedging into one group and general speculation and spreading into one group.

The Series 3 exam is a prerequisite to the Series 30 Futures Branch Manager exam. Our Series 3 exam prep gets you ready for this securities exam. For more information on how to pass the Series 30 prerequisite, you can read our How To Pass Your Series 30 Exam guide.

No Prerequisite | $135 Test Fee (Form U-10) | 2 1/2 hour time limit

Test Topics & Approximate Test Questions

Series 3 Exam Topics Approximate Test Questions
     Futures Trading Theory 13
     Margins-Limits-Settlements 15
     Orders-Accounts-Analysis 11
     Basic Hedging 11
     Financial Hedging 10
     Spreads 3
     General Speculation 8
     Financial Speculation 8
     Options 6
     Regulations 35
***Total Questions*** ***120***

Study Materials – National Commodity Futures License

Series 3 exam prep

Series 3 – Exam Study Book


Series 3 Exam Prep Study Book

Our 200+ page Series 3 exam prep book is a 3-ring binder study program is designed to allow you to learn at your own pace and convenience. The Series 3 exam prep text is divided into the same categories as the exam — this gives you a feeling as to the weighting of the topics on the exam.

The Series 3 exam prep program includes end-of-category quizzes of 25 to 40 questions and two 125-point practice final exams. One final Series 3 exam is random but properly weighted and the other is divided into how the test is graded – Market Knowledge and Rules/Regulations — no other Series 3 exam prep study program is constructed this way!   All Series 3 exam prep questions have complete explanations.

Series 3 exam prep

DATABANK of Final Exams for Series 3


Series 3 Exam Prep DATABANK of Questions

About the Series 3 Exam Prep DATABANK:

  • This is a supplement to any Series 3 exam prep futures study book
  • Our Series 3 Windows CD includes 600+ practice questions with explanations – these are tough!!
  • Provides fast and thorough review of major test topics by category
  • Gives you an accurate measure of your likelihood of passing the exam.

“These questions are TOUGH!!! … and they are a supplement to
any study books you may have!”

  • The disk is menu driven — so just highlight the topic you want to review and hit the Enter key — the directions are on the screen!
  • Each of the TEN SECTIONS has 3 to 8 practice quizzes of 10 to 25 questions
  • These groups are the same as the ten sections on your actual #3 exam — that way you’ll make sure you are strong in each practice area!!
  • Take the quizzes until you get an 80-90% accuracy — and then take the final exams
  • CD is Windows only – single user system

On this Windows only single-user system you can take the quizzes up to ten times each;   to maintain fresh test content, the CD expires after a certain time-period from the date of purchase. You should take the Series 3 exam within 120 days of buying the CD DATABASE.

Series 3 exam prep

DATABANK & Study Book for Series 3


Series 3 Exam Prep Study Book + CD Databank of Questions

For those that like the advantage of a reference text plus taking exams in a computer environment, the book and the CD is a great combination.  Review your manual first and then top-off your study with the CD practice questions!

NOTE: All FINRA exam are continually being updated. You should take your exam within 120 days of ordering your study materials!
NOTE: Under the terms of our End User Licensing Agreement (“EULA”) each DATABANK Practice Exams product can be used only by one person. Once your order is processed by our staff you will be emailed access instructions to the DATABANK.